Welcome readers to joelspriggs.com, the online home for Joel Spriggs. I am a programming nerd by trade and an author for fun. I write Urban Fantasy and Satire/Dark Comedy.


My first novel, Over a God's Dead Body, is currently on sale on Amazon, links and more information are in the Books page. Over a God's Dead Body is the first in a series I have planned that I have called the Wrong Gods series. I am not sure how many books will be included in this series yet, but I have a number of storylines and interesting arcs to keep it living on for more than a few planned novels.


I am currently working on the first book in a different series right now. The tentative title is Bad Memories. This series will also be an Urban Fantasy, but possibly more accessible to a younger audience. Check back from time to time on updates of my progress, and I may even put some sample chapters up in my blog.


Yes, like every author, there's a blog. I post randomly to it, with writing samples, short stories and fun little notions that won't fit on twitter. I may even start a series of family stories on there. 


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