Understanding Authentication: SAML vs. JWT vs. OAuth
In our journey of building a full-stack application with React, Vite, and …
Kickstarting Your Full-Stack Journey with React, Vite, and Express
In today's fast-paced digital world, building responsive, scalable, and secure web applications …
Generative AI Absurdist Humor
I work full-time as a software engineer. For the last year, I …
Dead Man Party
Heavy footfalls crashed across underbrush in the still of the woods. Bright …
Flash Fiction: Holy Sliders
    Ding dong rang the bell. A pair of young men stood …
New Happenings
It’s been awhile since I’d posted any updates, so here’s some info …
The Devil’s Own Rum Cake
Jump to recipe The rum cake! This is the part of the …
Vader and the Lando
A horribly awesome crossover idea for the next Star Wars Story movie
When We Buried Grandma
A quick tale about the funeral for the last of my surviving …
Recent Reads: ZerØes
A quick review of ZerØes by Chuck Wendig
A Simple Bet
Luck and Fate meet to have a little duel over which is …
Absent Elves
Horror about a violent psychopath looking for his elves.
Unreal Estate
A ghostly couple look to make a move.
The Flash
A quick short story about a washed out super hero
Recent Reads: The Firebird’s Trail
Venturing into a drama with high fantasy!
Feedback: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
Who can stand constructive criticism? Really?!?
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