New Happenings

It’s been awhile since I’d posted any updates, so here’s some info for any folks following me out here. It’s been a busy time for me with work, family, projects and all.

New Novella – Coming late spring

Cover for The Headless FloridaMan

I had a really fun idea back in the winter for a novella/short project. It’s called The Headless FloridaMan. The story is Trailer Park Boys meets the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. A group of tweakers in a Florida trailer park kill a drug dealer to steal his cash and holding. Two weeks later, they find themselves now hunted by the headless body of the dealer they dumped and left for dead. Will a resourceful plumber be able to save them? Find out, when The Headless FloridaMan rides in Spring!


If you’ve read any of my current full length novels, Over a God’s Dead Body or Another Dead Intern, first let me say thanks! If you haven’t put a rating/review up on Amazon, GoodReads or Audible, I’d love it if you did! That’s the best way to let me know what you liked or hated of my works. I have had messages from folks hunting me down on social media asking when is the next book coming. I obviously did plan for each to be a starting point for a series (Wrong Gods and Hemlock Connal, PI). In both cases there are some short stories or a follow up novella available now. I’ve got broad arcs planned for both, but the next full length novel will be a sequel to Over a God’s Dead Body. Loki, Esmy, Jake, Magni, Kyle, that whole gang will be back again, the working title is Dead Ringer. Balder College will be back in session and ready for their homecoming game, but will they be ready for someone throwing open the gates for the dead to pass back into the world of the living? It’ll be a fun story of death, destruction and discovery! Stay tuned, this may take me some time.

Social Media

Ok, so social media. I’ve all but abandoned FaceBook. I know, Zuckerburg and Dorsey are just as bad as each other, but I’ve never got much interaction on FB. Twitter feels a bit more interactive and I can reach my readers easier there. Also, I’ve started up some videos on TikTok. I’ll promise not to do any dancing. It’s mainly shitposting short stories from bad prompts if I’m waiting in line for picking up the kids or previews of some of the audiobooks. Also, some writing topics and discussions about process and so forth. You can find me on TikTok at

Swag Shop

You’ll notice I have a new little menu option on the site for Swag Shop. I’ve started to do some more artwork and tinkering in ProCreate on the side. I’m starting to put some of that on there in forms you can grab and get on t-shirts, hats, mugs, stickers, masks, etc. I’ll be adding more as I find time or the night interests me to do artwork over writing. It’s mostly stuff I do for fun, some book covers may end up in there, or elements from the kids books and all. Go check it out! Click the link, or here:

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